The Future of Quantum Computing in the Automotive Industry

Quantum computing has been used primarily by government agencies, scientific institutions and in the field of aerospace technology until recently but now the Volkswagen Group is making use of these supercomputers for a research project. Volkswagen IT experts have developed a mobility program on a quantum D-Wave Systems computer and will be demonstrating its use at CeBIT 2017, which takes place in Hanover.

This is definitely pioneering work in a digital form that brings forth a new foundation for the automotive industry future. The cooperation between D-Wave Systems and Volkswagen shows that it is possible to use quantum computers to address real-world challenges. At CeBIT 2017, the public will see for the first time how traffic flow has been optimized using a software program on a quantum computer.

Based on information gathered from about 10,000 Beijing taxis, an algorithm has been programmed that can optimize the public taxi travel time in this huge metropolitan city. A quantum computer is the best type of computer to be used because it has the ability to find optimization solutions natively. Conventional computers just don’t have the capability to handle these complex tasks.

Volkswagen will continue to work with D-Wave for other upcoming projects. In the meantime, IT experts at Volkswagen are currently testing out various algorithms and applications on the quantum computer based on its enormous potential. Volkswagen will also be working more with institutes that are using and researching quantum computers and with universities in the upcoming future.

It’s a new day and age in the automotive industry with new strategic developments being applied every day. To find out more about quantum computing and new and upcoming mobility programs that can be applied in the automotive field, please contact QodeLogix at 1 877-888-2571 or browse through our website at