How to Use Analytics to Manage Your Employees

With the advance of technology today, it can be hard to keep employees focused in a workplace setting. Fortunately, the way to combat these technological distractions is to fight back with analytics and data. This is the best way to leverage the strength of employees and to get the most performance out of teams.

Hard data can assess how teams are working together before any restructuring moves are put into place. This data assesses employee behaviors so that proper corporate restructuring can occur. This is a new trend and one that has been catching on since it makes so much sense. It’s called “people analytics”, which can be applied to employee management.

The people are the heart of any company and are indeed its biggest asset. Hard data can diagnose inefficiencies in the organization without having to rely on subjective data. Business decisions that are employee-related now have analytics to work with that where never available before.

Google, for example, is well known for providing perks to its employees to increase efficiency in the workplace. These perks were all introduced based on analytics that indicated the initiatives that would increase employee productivity, innovation and satisfaction. The gourmet meals served are leading to an end result.

In order to raise productivity in any company, analytics should be used for overall people management.  For example, the results will show the passions and interests of employees so that work assignments can be better allocated. An employee that finds his work meaningful is less likely to be distracted and more likely to be highly productive.

With people management analytics, problems can be found and resolved in real time. Companies won’t have to rely on their quarterly reports to find out about financial problems after they have occurred. This is a promising field that opens the doors to new management methods that are a win-win for both management and employees.
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